About Dave Cunix
DaveCunixAbout.gifDave Cunix was born in Columbus, Ohio and has lived in Greater Cleveland most of his life.  His two children, Phillip (Allison) and Jennifer (Matt), also reside in Ohio.
Dave entered the insurance business in January 1979.  After a brief stint with Provident Mutual in their Phoenix, Arizona office, he returned to Ohio and joined the Prudential.  He won numerous awards with Prudential as both an agent and a manager.
After serving as the brokerage manager for a small agency, Dave took the leap and opened his own office in November 1987.  Specializing in life, health, and disability insurance for small businesses and the self-employed, Dave has achieved national recognition from the dozens of companies he represents.
BeachwoodBuzzArticle2010Jan_Dave4.jpgThroughout his career Dave has been deeply involved in both civic and religious organizations.  The Jaycees, the New Democratic Policy Council, B’nai B’rith, and the Heights Regional Chamber of Commerce have counted on Dave Cunix’s leadership over the years.  Dave served as President of the Beachwood Chamber of Commerce from April 2008 to April 2010. 
What being an Insurance Agent means to Dave
I am an insurance agent.  I wouldn't want to be anything else.  My job is to deliver checks to people who really need money.  Sometimes the check goes to the survivors of someone who died too soon.  Sometimes the check is sent to a doctor or a hospital.  I have brought checks to individuals who can no longer work due to an accident or to an illness.

I help people plan.  I help people take responsibility for themselves and their families.  I am here when you need me.
I am an Insurance Agent.

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